About Us
We are Blue Ridge Walkers a small tennessee walking horse farm located in the  Blue Ridge Mountains of Sparta, NC owned and operated by Kenny and Wendy Hart.
We both have had a love for horses all our lives and in 2004 we started to establish our breeding stock.  We started with Royal Ivory Stallions and have added a Double Agouti Perlino Stallion, Blue Roan Stallion as well as mares with Pride of Midnight, Sun's Delight, The Pusher C.G, and Midnight Sun bloodlines. We pride ourselves in breeding for sound disposition, a natural gait and color. Our 8 yr old daughter is even an active part of our  family owned farm.  We imprint at birth and believe that it is important to socialize our horses early in life so that they will bond with man.  Horses are a gift from God that should be loved, respected and appreciated for their power and beauty.
We invite you to visit us or call anytime. The Walking Horse Breed is in a class of it's own. We also raise Miniature and toy schnauzers, if you find the horse baby is a little large for your family check out our miniature schnauzer website at www.blueridgeschnauzers.com
             Thank you and God Bless You
                Kenny and Wendy Hart
            Kenny and Wendy Hart
                  252 Highland Dr.
                Sparta, NC 28675

           Contact: (336) 372-1774                                (336) 385-0203/8338
  Email: Garrettn@skybest.com

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4th of July parade 2009, Kenny & Indy
We forgot to tell Indy he isn't a dog.
Palominos and Buckskins due in April and May!!!!!!!!